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Davis Lake Spacious Cottage Rules

Power/Heat Source

We recommend you bring flashlights in the event of a power failure at the cottage. In rural areas, interruptions to electrical power supply may last a little longer than in the city. Also, remember that the water system operates on an electrical pump. Therefore, do not run the water when the power is off.

A system of roof solar panels is used as a primary source of heat for water. In case of hot water shortage please turn on an auxiliary water heater, located in the basement by the stairs. Simply open a panel at the bottom of the BAXI water heater and switch to the ON position.  Please don't forget to turn the heater off at the end of your rental period. There is no need to tweak/adjust any other controls in the basement.

Outdoor Fires

There is a place designated for making a campfire. Before leaving the area pour water on all fires, to ensure they are completely out. The axes are provided. Use caution when using them and keep them out of reach of children. 

Before lighting any fire out of doors, check with the local Township office regarding fire regulations, restrictions and permits required. Do not make a large fire as nearby trees and brush can catch on fire.

For an interior fireplace the firewood is stored outside, by the garage, and a written instruction is located on the fireplace mantel.

Waste Disposal

Never leave garbage outside the cottage unless it is in a tightly covered container. There are wild animals in the surrounding forest that can be attracted to the garbage. All garbage must be removed from the property at the end of your rental period. Any garbage left at the cottage premises will result in a $50.00 disposal charge. 

Location of nearest landfill: Garbage may be taken to Iron Mine Landfill site (see the enclosed map for directions). Summer hours of operation: Tuesday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and holiday Monday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Winter hours of operation: Thursday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If bags of household waste are taken to the Iron Mine Landfill site without a bag tag a fee of $1.00 must be paid to the landfill attendant. To avoid paying at the landfill site we provide you with two (2) free Bag Tags, which are good for 2 big bags of household waste. Bag tags are not required for waste materials placed in the recycle bins, such as bottles, jars and cans.

Water Source

Our cottage uses a private, drilled well. The water is safe to drink, but many cottage renters boil their water, or bring in drinking water from an outside source. Cottages with wells or lake water supply use an electric pump to provide water inside the cottage. The pump will go off and on when the system requires water. Please note that it normally should NOT run for more than 10 minutes straight or so, when there is no water being run. If you believe there is a problem, turn the pump off until you have contacted us to determine if there is indeed, a difficulty. 

Bathroom/ Septic System

Many cottages operate on a septic system which is very sensitive. The basic rule is DO NOT PUT ANYTHING down the toilet other than natural waste and toilet paper (and be conservative with the paper).

* Use one-ply paper whenever possible.
* No paper towels, Kleenex, tampons, pads, matches, hair, grease, strong chemicals, etc. These are guaranteed to back up the system.
* Also, it is easier on the system if you flush only when necessary.
* If the power goes out for a period of time, and you need to flush the toilet more than once, fill the tank up with water from the lake if possible, then flush.
* See note under “Power/Heat Source”. 

The septic bed (identified outdoors as the large, flat/level open section of the lot) can be easily damaged by excessive weight.

* Do not drive over, or park any vehicles in this area.
* Septic systems have a maximum capacity with regard to use (i.e. number of persons, washrooms, laundry, etc.). Do not exceed the maximum number of persons determined for this cottage and indicated on your rental agreement. 

Water in the faucets and shower is very hot. Please exercise caution and mix it well with cold water before using.

Cottage Cleaning

Thank you for your consideration in leaving the cottage (inside and out) thoroughly clean and tidy, as it was for your arrival. Please remember that it is required that the cottage be left thoroughly clean and tidy. If the property requires additional cleaning following your departure, deductions will be made from your security/damage deposit to cover the cost.
Location of cleaning supplies: under kitchen sink

General Inventory


Please do not burn any foreign materials (i.e. wood) in the BBQ. The BBQ grill should be cleaned/brushed after each use. Make sure the lid is open and the match or lighter burning BEFORE you turn on the propane. After each use, turn off both the BBQ ‘On/Off’ valve and the tank valve.


Our cottage is equipped with a VCR/DVD system. TV programming is NOT available.

Recreational Equipment

NOTE: If we have not indicated that a piece of recreational equipment is available on the Cottage Inventory List, then it is not for the use of renters. Therefore, if there is a boat at the cottage, but one is not listed on your Cottage Inventory list, PLEASE DO NOT USE IT. Right now we can only provide you with use of a paddle boat and a water bike. Please enjoy them and make sure they are pulled out of the lake when not used and that they are secured at night. Please remember that  the use of this and other recreational equipment is at your own risk, and all necessary precautions must be taken.
No RVs or tents allowed on cottage property at any time.

When boating, remember that one approved life jacket or personal floatation device for each person on board is required by law.  It is recommended that you bring your own.

You are at Davis Lake. The lake looks small, but it's very deep. The water surrounding the wooden dock is shallow. The bottom of the lake is muddy and full of seaweeds. We advise you to wear a  life jacket before going swimming.

Linens and Towels

In the cottage blankets and pillows are provided with rentals. Please bring your own bed linens and towels.

The Cottage Community

Cottage communities are very tight-knit and neighbours look at for one another. Out of respect for other cottage owners and for the owners of the "Cozy" cottage please be respectful in terms of noise level and standard boating and water regulations. Your consideration of the owner’s place in that community will be appreciated. No loud parties or noise after 10:00 p.m., observe regular boating and water guidelines, etc.

Should you decide to leave the cottage/property for any period of time, please ensure all windows and doors are locked.


 Most of the cellphones work in the area of the cottage.

Nearest payphone is in Kinmount

Medical facilities are in Minden.

Should you need to contact the Owner please call 416-832-3838

Food Supplies

The closest towns are Kinmount (5 km) with a grocery store, LCBO and a movie theatre, and Norland (11 km).  In Coboconk there is also an IGA, LCBO, Beer Store, CIBC and RONA.


Pets are welcome, however please keep your pet on a leash, or near you at all times. Do not allow your pet to disturb the neighbors. Your efforts to “stoop & scoop” will be appreciated by the owners and the next guests.

If you have a pet allergy please contact Chris Properties so that they may verify with the owners as to the last time a pet was at the cottage. 


The maximum number of persons permitted at the cottage, including children, daytime & overnight guests - 10
Maximum number of vehicles permitted at this cottage, including daytime & overnight guests - 3
Failure to adhere to these maximums will result in either immediate eviction without refund, or a $100 per night (or per day) charge for each additional guest/vehicle.

Check-out time is 12:00 p.m.

Check-out time is 12:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated on your booking confirmation form. Please adhere to this schedule in order that there be sufficient time for any cottage maintenance and preparation for the next cottage guests. Please ensure that all keys are returned to our office, located in Mississauga. Late check outs will issue a $50.00 charge.

Personal Items

Please remember to take all of your personal items when you check out. If requested, the cottage owners will retain any forgotten items for a maximum of 2 weeks while you arrange to pick them up. The cottage owner will not be responsible for returning any forgotten items by mail or courier, etc.

Insects, etc

In cottage country, there is an over-abundance of insects and creepy-crawlies, and we, as humans, can do very little to control these critters. To discourage insects and small rodents, please keep exterior screen doors closed at all times.